Starting Homecare

How to get started

  • PREVENTION: In the event you become homebound, it is our goal to prevent hospitalization and keep you in your home.
  • TRANSITION: Timely and safe transition to homecare following a hospitalization is key to prevention of subsequent hospitalizations. Homecare decreases the chance of post-surgical injury by reducing the need to travel outside the home.
  • EXERCISE: Physical and occupational therapists assist patients with exercise to improve mobility, balance and strength.
  • EDUCATE: Nurses and therapists teach safe fall recovery, provide information on preventing falls, and receive immediate notification of any fall occurrences for patients who are enrolled in Lifeline emergency response systems.
  • ENGAGE: Clinicians include the patient and caregiver in the care and to prevent falls even after the homecare episode has ended.
Why Divinity Homecare Caregiver