Why Divinity

Divinity Care Coordinators are trained to understand your needs. We speak with you over the phone and meet with you in person for a home care needs evaluation at no cost to you. You may have an idea of the home care services you need, but when making important decisions for you and your loved ones, it helps to have experts by your side.

Divinity At
A Glance

What sets us apart from other homecare agencies?

A Little About Us

Divinity Homecare is a family owned home health care agency servicing Southeast Michigan. Divinity is Medicare Certified!

Our founders, a brother and sister team, have been providing healthcare services for over 10 years! Currently, through our three affiliated companies, we can provide private duty care services and outpatient therapy. We often continue care beyond that covered by Medicare by leveraging the services and staff from our other companies.


  • We look to enhance the future of everyone involved with our organization
  • We anticipate the advance of human capability in our employees and our patients
  • We strive to achieve excellence in everything we take part in
  • We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm, optimism, patience, drive and commitment
  • We hope to be the change we expect to see in the world

Why Choose Divinity

The difference between Divinity Homecare and other agencies is that we take a holistic approach to patient needs. We don’t just treat the diagnosis we treat the whole person. We monitor the patient’s condition and all aspects that would affect or create an exacerbation of the condition. We stay in the home to find out what stressors are affecting the patient’s quality of life. Our staff takes the time to educate our patients on prevention and give them the tools they need to help them with their everyday life.

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